Pain Relief Tips and Tricks

Staying healthy has many aspects and people should understand that there are many things that they can do for this. Staying healthy also means that you have to be careful about any pain that you might experience, from a simple headache to a complex pain in the abdomen.

Even so, there are remedies for almost all of those pains, from medication to meditation techniques, Yoga-Asanas-For-Chronic-Back-Pain-Relief-Infographicwhich all of them can help you with pain relief.

Let’s see what you can do for pain relief.


The Cold Therapy

There are situations when you simply bump into something – a chair, a table or you simply hit something with your hand. Those bumps will leave a bruise on your skin, and in just a few cases, there is no swelling or no mark.

Whenever you face this situation, you can apply a bag of ice on the place where you feel the pain. It works for bruises, but it can also work on other kinds of pain, like a back pain or the pain that you might feel after a surgery.

In some cases, the pain can go away or stay away as long as you feel the cold from the ice. For example, some teeth pains (not all of them – depending on your sensitivity) will back down if you use cold water or a bag of ice on your cheek.


The Warm Therapy

There are also some situations when ice doesn’t work, and you require warmth. It’s the case with some back pains or shoulder pains. You can put some salt in a sock and warm it in the oven; once it’s warm enough, place it on where you feel the pain – at your lower back, the shoulder or even a joint.



Many times, massage will help easing the pain. This is because it will put blood into motion and it will definitely spread the feeling and make the pain bearable. If you have some ointment that you can use for pain, it can be even better. The pharmacies have plenty of natural ointments, many of them based on plants, which work wonders in case you have a pain in your joints or in your back.



Even if this is part of any training program and it’s made prior to any physical exercise, a good stretching session can definitely help you release the general pains of your body. It’s about stretching all the muscles and preparing them for physical activity. Even if there is none of it, it makes good for the muscles, for the joints and for every other part of your body. You will feel less tensed and less stressed and it will be worth it.



If you’ve got the possibility, you can use water to reduce the pains. Use a bathtub for taking long hot baths, for pains in the muscles, or use a swimming pool to practice swimming at least 20-30 minutes. In the water, everything is lighter and if there are any pressures in your muscles or in the spine, it will be relieved for a longer time.

The truth is that there are many things that you can do in water, and it can surely help you get back in a pain-iconbetter shape faster after an accident or a surgery.



Last, but not least, the medications will always alleviate the pains. For headaches, you can take an Aspirin, and for swellings, you can take pills that reduce it – anti-inflammatory medicine, like something based on Ibuprofen.

Apart from this, if you talk to your doctor about these pains, he or she will surely know what to give you. If there are other types of pains, something that you cannot explain, it’s better to seek the help of a specialized doctor right away, as this can be a sign for something worse.