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One of the most important structures in our body is the spinal cord. It makes up together with the brain the central nervous system and serves as the passageway in carrying messages from our body to the brain and vice versa. Thus, spinal cord injuries must not be taken for granted for this is a serious problem that can cause permanent disability and paralysis. The ability to control some parts of your body after the injury depends on the location of the injury and how serious the wound was. The injury can be complete or incomplete spinal cord injury depending on the location. A complete wound is when a patient cannot make a single move below the damage site. This means that messages from the nerve roots of the body was not successfully carried through the brain and vice versa thus making him/her completely paralyzed. Immediate treatment and medical assistance is a must for those who experienced significant impact and trauma to the head, neck and back. There are many spine injury symptoms in Denver and some are not normal which need immediate medical concern and attention.

Spine deformation is one symptom of a spinal cord injury where the patient lies on the ground on his back in an unusual position that might be caused by extreme pain and deformation. Patients with their neck injured severely are assumed to have damaged their spine. Special medication and attention is required whenever a patient feels pain anywhere in the spinal region which indicates spinal injury. Moreover, if there are deep cuts and wounds over the spinal region, wound might have occurred. If the patient is not able to move a single muscle in some parts of her/his body and the feeling of numbness and weakness is there accompanied with spinal pain then cervical spine injury might have occurred. Nerves in our body control the body’s reflexes and whenever there are extreme irregular reflexes this might indicate a damage to the spine which needs immediate medical application. When a person has erectile dysfunction this might mean that the signal or messages from his intercourse thoughts processed by brain was not sent down to his penis. With spinal injury, the various nerve roots that control the erection are being injured thus making the penis’ disability to erect.

These are just some of the spine injury symptoms that must not be taken for granted and requires immediate medical attention. With this spinal injury, the patient might have contusion or bruised tissue, compression which is harmfully caused by excessive pressure on the backbone or spinal cord or laceration or having the nerve fibers being torn or severely damaged. Whenever a person suffers some of these the symptoms mentioned above might occur. We have to bear in mind that any kind of symptom related to spinal injury is serious. Even a mild pain at the backbone must not be set aside and taken for granted for your life depends on how you take care of yourself.

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Sports and vehicular accidents are some common causes of spinal cord injury and in order to avoid this serious wound being careful is a helpful solution and whenever spine injury symptoms occur immediately without hesitation consult your trusted doctors, spine specialist and even spine surgeons to check your spinal cord.

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